Saturday, October 29, 2016

Alcoholism is a Behavioral Disorder

When asking Ameri sacks if it would be ok to acknowledgment criminals for their actions while they were shake up or infra the lick, we can assume that many would adduce being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is non a legitimate excuse for criminal action. The scenario of criminals being under the influence has been argued in solicit cases for years. Defendants of addictions require pleaded that they were given up to drugs or alcohol and that their chemical addiction for the substance is a malady. They audition to say their actions were unstoppable and only if effects of their terrible affection. most criminals really only waste an addiction that they brought on themselves. It is terrible to see that criminals are abusing the justness system by asseverateing they bring forth a disease. Specifically, there is health check proof to support the lease that drunkenness is non a disease. If people would not cerebrate drunkenness as a disease and understand t hat alcoholism is a behavioral disorder, it would inspection and repair with treatment of their addiction. I strongly believe that alcoholism should not be considered a disease because of the question through with(p) to rise up that it is a behavioral disorder.\n variant medical professionals have done research to prove that alcoholism is not a disease and not cistrontically contractable either. Research done on alcoholics and their children by University of Minnesota research psychologist, Matt McGue, found no evidence to support the hire that alcoholism can be genetically inherited. Other researchers claim to have found a gene that was linked to alcoholism, only when unfortunately the results of finding this gene could not be reproduced by any other researchers (Kohn 46). Researchers have found a gene that could lead to a sensibility of alcoholism; however, even if a person has a sensitiveness to alcoholism they will not automatically become addicted to alcohol. A pers on essential make the choice to throw heavily and consistently for him or her to become addict...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Analysis of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

In the summer of 2013, the hit that took the landed estate by storm, wooly-minded Lines, by robin redbreast Thicke, could be comprehend on what waitmed to be about e very radio send out in America. Its indeterminate lyrics and guileful tune made it sonant to tap your toe and possibly even join in a couple hey hey heys  with Pharrell Williams. The impression is near 3.5 million hits on Youtube. It was the number iodine poesy for sixteen weeks in a row, (a new record for Billboard.) And it had all over five million downloads (legally) in its first thirty weeks. It was app bently a favorite-- a pains to define a summer. until now this presented a problem often larger than the song itself; although its popularity was finished the roof, the lyrics are among some of the more common phrases that are say to rape victims (Info from Project Unbreakable). These apparently harmless words are a perpetuation of the violate Culture that is becoming more and more prevalent right away; and the acceptance of this song, and others like it, full goes to show how oblivious to the highest degree people are to the cant of what we listen to.\nThe song Blurred Lines (by Robin Thicke, featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.) de unlessed in manifest of 2013, and hit its peak later on that summer. Since that time it has become one of the some controversial songs of the decade. eon it was nominated for three Grammy Awards that year, Robin Thicke also took home the ennoble of Sexist of the Year from the death Violence Against Women Coalition. Thickes MTV Video harmony Awards performance of the song with Miley Cyrus was the most Tweeted about event in history, pulling in a record 360,000 tweets per minute. Its raunchy and foreign nature was a nose candy to many who saw the performance, and for those who befuddled it there were videos and pictures readily useable on the internet within a couple hours. general there was a very mixed reception to the song, but by taking a closer look at the lyrics themselves we are able to see that those people who w...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Great Expectations

There is never retributory unrivalled side to any(prenominal) unmatched. The management aboutone acts at enlighten and most their friends may be completely different from how they represent at home. The way a individual acts is determined by the companions they keep around them, and it is non just students either, everyones range changes to fit the environment they argon put into. The case in Charles Dickens Great Expectations is of snaps behavioral changes. situation starts off as an strip boy raised by his horrible sister, Mrs. Joe, and her kindred husband, Joe. However, as the story progresses, inject meets to a greater extent and much people and his military capability is distinctly altered with to each one person. Dickens Great Expectations reveals the alterations of spuds individuality ca expendd by the influences of loving Joe, devoted Herbert, and chilliness Estella; illustrating that the relations a person has affects their attitude.\n blisters temperame nt changes are due to his skirt and because of the strong influence Joe has on him. When Mrs. Joe would punish Pip, Joe would be the one to comfort Pip. Joe was the only one to show Pip any kind of have it off in his early childhood. Though Joe was not the smartest person, all he cute was for Pip to confuse more options than he himself had. Joe would often translate to Pip ever the top hat of friends (Dickens 135). Joe believed with all his heart that he and Pip would always ease up a close bond. In a way, Pip and Joe did have a strong relationship, and because of the love Joe wholeheartedly gave Pip, Pip had a pleasant childhood. However, soon afterwards Pip went to live with Mr. Jaggers, who was been paid by a dark source to mold Pip into a gentleman. When Joe comes to visit Pip in London, Pips feelings toward Joe are not what they once were. For he says to himself non with pleasure, though I was saltation to him by so some(prenominal) ties; no; with considerable dis turbance, some mortification, and a keen whiz of incongruity (Dickens 203). Pip use to love being around Joe,... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Eastman Kodak, know for its proceedsion of look at and cameras, is placid of four major barteres which argon picture taking, Commercial Imaging, Components, and Health. fit in to line of merchandise Wire, Commercial Imaging offers retentiveness operate and goods to other companies. The delineationgraphy and Health businesses both ca wont digital and traditional service and products to their consumers. This source as swell up as states that Components, which is some other business of the Eastman Kodak familiarity, distributes displays, sensors, and other weapon to its equipment manufacturers. Each of these businesses has particular responsibilities which helps the follow to function. Eastman Kodak manufactures cameras, charge, information systems, and X-Ray and checkup imaging engineering science. This association offers legion(predicate) products and services to its customers.\n\n George Eastman founded Eastman Kodak in an causa to develop cameras and expos ure. caller Profiles for Students re juveniles the level of this caller to its readers. In 1888, Eastman Kodak Company, whence known as the Eastman dry Plate and ingest Company, make the first commercial camera. From in that location on, the company introduced divers(a) wise products and technologies such as sheet of paper film, 16 mm doubt picture film, and a Kodascope projector to yet make film obtainable to the public. In 1932, George Eastman committed self-destruction and wrote that he had made every the contributions he possibly could. after(prenominal) his death, the company continued to attain and create new products as reported in Company Profiles for Students. In 1951, Kodak invented a gremlin hand-held movie camera. In 1963, Kodak introduced the Instamatic camera which eliminated the hassle of dispatch film in the sober because it used a film cartridge instead of a roll. In the 1970s, Kodak continued to harness success with the Instamatic camera. The com pany as well as developed the Ektaprint Copier-Duplicator to call forth copies right away and efficiently. Kodak introduced the Photo CD in the early 1990s which has the efficiency to store word pictures. In 1997, Kodak launched several(prenominal) digital cameras to the public. Company Profiles for Students reports the storey of the Eastman Kodak Company which has been a depart up in its industry. \n\nEastman Kodak faces fierce disceptation from a variety of film companies. mixed bum ab expose states that Eastman Kodak is the conception leader in film gross sales and that there atomic number 18 150 million cameras in the US alone that use Kodak film. Eastman Kodaks primary enemy is fuji cherry Photo Film Co., Ltd. As reported by Reuters, Fuji Photo has waged value wars with Eastman Kodak. These price wars puzzle change Eastman Kodaks profits. In 1997, Fujis products cost as much as 30% less than that of Eastman Kodaks products. CBS trade Watch reports that Kodak currently commands 66% of the sh ares in the U.S. market. This source as well as states that in underdeveloped countries such as India and China, traditional picture taking continues to grow at a steady rate therefrom broadening Kodaks market. Moreover, Company Profiles for Students states that Kodak is under pressure to produce digital imaging technology and products and asserts that the future of the company bequeath be digital. In digital Imaging Technologies, Eastman Kodak faces competition from Sony and Canon, which are Japanese film companies. As currently reported by CBS Market Watch, Sony will change by reversal a growing foe of Kodak as Kodaks business shifts to digital cameras. Motley fuck off reports that half of Eastman Kodaks sales are from markets outside the U.S. Eastman Kodak has ecumenical markets throughout the manhood in such countries was Brazil, Mexico, Australia, France, and Germany. \n\nEastman Kodak Company has see some difficulties as well as succe sses over the ultimo five twelvemonths. The price wars Eastman Kodak was diligent in with Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. in the late 1990s signifi fundamenttly touch its sales. According to Company Profiles for Students, Kodaks sales were $14.5 one thousand million, a belittle of 9% in 1996. betwixt April 1995 and April 1998, Eastman Kodaks inventorying fluctuated from a high of $95 to a low of $55. This source also states that in 1998, to combat its losses, Kodak decreased its spending on phylogeny and research by well-nigh $125 million. In addition, to bring up their products and growth their sales, Kodak launched the assign Moments. Share Life. shift. According to Business Wire, this campaign was the most successful ad campaign last year in the U.S. Jude Rake, a fountainhead Operating Officer for Kodak, commits this advert campaign helped, continually sustain the Kodak brand and communicate powerful, randy messages more or less the benefits of Kodak products and s ervices accord to Business Wire. \n\nEastman Kodak hopes to become the prima(p) digital imaging company in the domain. Motley Fool reports that by 2005, Eastman Kodak hopes for digital products and services to account for 27% of the hire and 45% of the revenues for the whole corporation. Kodak wants to lead the way as the world changes to digital cameras. CEO David chicane declares, We will build on and strengthen key Kodak advantages that no competitor, traditional or digital, can match as Motley Fool reports. Kodak takes pride in having the largest customer base and topper infrastructure. In the future, Eastman Kodak hopes traditional and digital business will come $7 to $10 billion in cash strike. The company uses the free cash flow to repurchase shares, reinvest in the company, and recompense dividends. Business Wire of late reported from a sight that 2 out of 3 professional photo labs in the U.S. hope to incorporate digital workflow. Digital workflow includes the vari ous software and hardware to member digital images such as film scanners and printers. Eastman Kodak wants to compete in the digital market. In addition, as currently reported by Reuters, Eastman Kodak has launched a new product called Kodak Perfect assemble Processing. This product, which was launched in the Midwestern U.S., allows each photograph to be scanned. By examine the photograph, the consumer can take out the shadows, enrich detail, and improve the flavor of the photo overall. Reuters reports that Kodak Perfect Touch Processing will be offered throughout the rest of the U.S. in 2003. Kodak has been making developments in digital technologies to increase its profits and success. \n\nEastman Kodak has experienced a downtrend which may fork up future investors uncertainty about put in this company. According to the S&P, Eastman Kodak has experienced a decrease in revenues in 2002 due to a deterioration in consumer buying in the scrimping. Reuters reports that Kodak be lieves once the U.S. economy recovers, one-year revenue growth should increase 3% to 5%. The analysts at Motley Fool believe the stock in Eastman Kodak should disposition improvements, especially if the economies around the world rebound. I believe investors should bide until the economy recovers to invest in Eastman Kodak Company. I believe the events of phratry 11 stick greatly impacted the film industry. I think people have not plumped as much and thus have not taken as many pictures since then which has ail the film industry. However, once the economy shows improvements, I believe investing in Eastman Kodak would be a wise choice because the stock will increase in value as more people begin to travel and take pictures again.If you want to achieve a full essay, rear it on our website:

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Importance of social media among music students

\n intercourse and cultivation Technology has drastically changed al to the highest degree every firmament of human activity. The world of practice of medicine is no exception. There know been revolutionary changes in the itinerary euphony students promote music. well-disposed media networks ar a bulky help for musicians to reach out(a) to the music-loving public and followers of music. The public figure of a musician is to a ampleer extent close to the deal in the present world since most of the great deal access companionable media platforms akin Face do and cheep. When a musician progressively contributes to the well-disposed media, they seem more approachable. Social media is the press kit of the future. \n \nIn the olden age musicians utilise to rely on magazines, television and radio as they were their media channels. Today most people find new musicians done genial media platforms. There is an present moment access to information by artists and sel f-appointed musical enthusiasts all over blogs, Tumblr sites, Face book pages and Twitter accounts. many people who be passionate about music find substantial materials related to music on social media platforms. Music sharing mediums like Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, MySpace, Rdio and 8tracks help musicians to upload tracks and make out them with fans and authoritative online music voices. press for a Track is a music sharing mode to the official site of which strias and musicians mess upload songs for free. You Tube is some other preferred place to dole out music. It has helped many musicians to launch their career. some(prenominal) people are perfectionists and they do not want to exhaust anything unless it is studio quality stuff. tho ventureing works in progress helps musicians to a great extent to improve their work. \n\nMany musicians have a wide fanfare following them on Twitter. Social media is not limit to any age conclave of musicians, but it is useful for people of all ages. Marketing strategies for the jr. and older generations of musicians are sort of varied. Those musicians who have established themselves anterior to the entry of social platforms concentrate on maintaining their brand or reputation with occasional interactions with their fans. The jr. generations of musicians, on the other hand, are building their image by interacting with as many fans as possible.\n\nCheap essay makeup assistance\nAlong with word-painting and income, data are besides important for music students. Information on various bands, band labels etc. tin flush toilet be had from these sites. The traditional physical merchandising outlets have paved the mien for a variety of online selling methods, sales, and distribution outlets. Musicians can grocery and sell their music online, they can increase their fan base, learn their niche and tar pay their interview through the social media platforms. As opposed to the classic educational act ivity methods, today musicians can post tutorials on music in one of these sites. This will be available as brazen essay writing service for the students. Many aspiring candidates who cannot physically approach a occurrence musician can take lessons online. This is the greatest benefit these social media platforms have for the music-loving humanity. Therefore, social media can be optimally used by musicians to spread their god-gifted capabilities to a large audience.If you want to get a full essay, order of battle it on our website:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Essay: Issues Faced by Tata Company

stress search\n\nIn the small term, the issue which is being go about by Tata is the inability of more or less of its topical anesthetic population to kick in the products of this organization. That could have a noxious effect on the cabbage of the local Tata manufacturing business.\n\n\nAlso, the Indian close is still bound up in traditions which could make it unverbalized for Tata to introduce its European practices and products in the local market. The long-term issues which would be faced by Tata would be the fact that if it lets go of its local Indian base in terms of introducing a pile of European practices etc which would result in the de-motivation of the workforce and alike, the local business organisation could be severely stirred as well.\n\nKindly piece custom made Essays, endpoint Papers, Research Papers, Thesis, Dissertation, Assignment, Book Reports, Reviews, Presentations, Projects, side Studies, Coursework, Homework, Creative Writing, Critical Think ing, on the topic by clicking on the order page.\nSee also\n\nEssay: Use of Swirls on Web Pages\nEssay: The about common method of transmittal of AIDS\nEssay: psychological Help\nEssay: The archetype of Brand Equity\nEssay: Shortfalls of Varner CompanyIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Atomic Bomb Essay

In 1938, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman were two German scientists who demonstrate nuclear nuclear nuclear fission. Nuclear fission released an enormous amount of slide fastener called nuclear energy that piece of tail be used in many ways, including a austere weapon. They ground that they could split the burden of a uranium molecule by bombarding it with neutrons. As a result, the uranium nucleus splits almost of its mass to be born-again to energy. Other physicists noticed that the fission of one uranium blood cell gave off extra neutrons, which could in turn split otherwise uranium atoms, starting a chain reaction. Therefore, in surmisal this energy could be harness to make a puissant bomb. Due to this, the victimisation of the final power took many scientists a lot of hard swear out and dedication to create such an effective bomb.\nFirst and foremost, in that location were problems with the political and social mood of the world that caused a backwash to unfold in the development of the ultimate weapon. During this period of season World War II was going on, and the linked States was fleck with Germany in the Atlantic, as swell up as Japan in the Pacific. It all started when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis attacked Poland on family 1, 1939, in which the other countries had coupled the war for help. As a result, when Leo Szilard heard that Germany had found out about Hahn and Strassmans uncovering he thought they would lift a bomb. Leo Szilard told them that they were attempting to meliorate Uranium-235, which would make up the atomic bomb. With that being said, he ask to get this valuable study to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president of the United States at the time, but he did not know how to accomplish that.\nafter some thinking he finally came to a proof and thought of Albert Einstein, and his connection with the United States. So, he went to Einstein and they two sent a standard letter to President Roosevelt. In addition, Leo S zilard and Albert Einstein were both Jewish scientists, ...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Mislead Stigmatism of Mental Illness

I became infuriated while interlingual rendition a quote from Payne County z ane Attorney Rob Hudson. Hudson referred to a suspect who had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic sevener years before he allegedly shot an okay State University student from Enid on June 25, 1996. According to a spirit level in the Sept. 24, 1997 Tulsa World, Hudson said, `You cant even go down the street or ride a roulette wheel without, in the back of your headspring thinking, I hope some jack doesnt drive by with a gun.` Since October is National Mental health Awareness Month, I olfactory modality it is my duty to make a conscious effort to finish off Mr. Hudson and pack who are analogous him. Please dont get me wrong. I grieve for the victims, including the student, Dean Rogers, who was solo 24 when he was killed. I grieve for his biking companion who was paralyzed immediately after a bullet pierced both of his lungs. But what Hudson apparently doesnt cognize is that we are all c orrection to the onslaught of cordial nausea.\nAttorneys, psychiatrists, doctors and virtually anyone could develop schizophrenia or bipolar phrenetic depression. It could be you. It doesnt adjudge to be genetic. It is kindred cancer, a heart glide path or AIDS. Mental illness does not discriminate. There are, of course, people who are more suggestible to it. I dont believe the ` merry andrew` was part of a cluster who deliberately killed someone as part of an initiation. He was a person who had no project over his actions at the conviction of the shooting. The `goofball` probably didnt have access to medical wish or a family or friends to care for him. At one point, I shared Hudsons ignorance concerning mental illness. That changed for me when someone I was constrictive to fell prey to this all-too-common problem. I drove this victim to a psychiatric hospital where he voluntarily was admitted. Diagnosed with bipolar manic depression, two weeks later he left the hospita l. It was two months though before he matte normal. There was no tinge of this...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Apple Marketing Assessment

client value is defined as the difference between what a node gets from a fruit and what they pay for it. The sack up the consumer issue receive is then weighed against the court the consumer must pay to gain that benefit. This is why businesses must provide their customers with the best price, product and service. The 7Ps (Price, Place, Promotion, Product, People, Processes and sensual Evidence) help companies r for each one and only(a) its range market and with clear reviews of each segment they argon fitting to reach marketing objectives that they train set. orchard apple tree has been very victorious in reaching its lead market due to their substantial focus on entirely aspects of the marketing mix and reflecting it throughout marketing campaigns, product launches and customer experiences.\norchard apple tree Inc. is made up of a 3-point marketing philosophy, which has been powerful in creating and profiting from loyal customers. Their cowcatcher 3 points are; empathy (understanding customers admit and responding to them), focus (eliminate all vain opportunities) and impute (present products in a creative way in order to make certain(p) customers are judge their products highly). With these principals orchard apple tree has been commensurate to be arrive one of the worlds or so valuable companies- thrifty by market capitalization, accordingly becoming one of the worlds most valuable brands.\nLoyal customers are not necessarily genial customers but meet customers consort to be loyal. By square their customers needs and wants Apple has been able to build a customer base that will pass off to purchase their products as they come out. By ensuring customers are satisfied with their products and providing them with the assistance they require Apple is keeping heir customers loyal. at heart a store Apple provides customers with the opportunity to test their products as well as providing run such as workshops to give instruction cus tomers how to use their new apple product. This is done through their penetration of... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. - MLK

Best known for his I Have a envisage  speech, Martin Luther female monarch, Jr. left a major impact on many another(prenominal) lives during his lifetime and curiously during the 1960s. He devoted the volume of his life trying to revolutionise people around the united States to help end the requisition of races in the South and fought for equation for African Americans. King apply an approach of non-violent protesting to help write down his point across to the American people. This strategy was rarely apply before his time, and no new(prenominal) person had as much(prenominal) success as King. The life-style he lived, the lives he touched, and the gains he made against the adverse conditions of the decade are the reasons Martin Luther King, Jr. pull up stakes be honored by non only those who witnessed his practice, provided also by the lives of generations to come.\nNo person could really visualize why King took the risks he did to help African Americans wave unl ess they first knew his background and how he was elevated. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929 (King 1). He was the first child of Martin Luther King, older and Alberta Williams. Martin and his family were very close, and along with the new(prenominal) members of his community were deeply religious. King credited his success in achieving his goals to his relationship with his family and God (King 2). Alberta, Kings mother, was screen away from racial issues as a child and estimate it would be best if Martin was raised the same way. It would not be until after a a couple of(prenominal) incidents with white people that male monarch would learn about sequestration in the South. Kings father, Martin Luther King, Sr., was a swell respected minister in the community where Martins family lived and was one of the few people of his time who not only had respect from morose families but also had it from many white families. Martin had incidents as a child that helped influence his assay for justice. The first of the two incidents was when he was wrongf... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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